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A start for the LUXEY skateboard team

This Saturday took place the AtlasOpen of which we were partner. The event 
was a success, featuring participants from all over Quebec and also the young
generation that suggests a high caliber in a few years. We were excited
about the first outing to introduce our team, as the world of skateboarding is
at the heart of the creation of LUXEY. We wanted to have athletes who not
only possess talent in this sport, but also who transmit their passion every
time they board their skate. All those who practice the sport or who have
practiced it in the past know that skateboard is more than just a hobby.
The team is made up of three guys from the Lanaudière region; Vincent Harper,
Thierry Darveau and Samuel Soulières. Vincent and Samuel participated in the
competition and delivered a good performance in class A, while Thierry was
present as a photographer of the event. Our mission is not only to participate in
demos and competitions, but also to promote the diversity of the sport through
videos and photos. The dream of our company is to expand this team with athletes
from all over Quebec. Several projects are coming and we are proud to support
our representatives.